My Job is to create an excellent, trouble-free experience for my clients. It is my duty to ensure their wishes are granted through flawless service and exceptional results.

1. Always on time. 
With Google maps and traffic apps available at our disposal, we should have no excuses for not being on time. I make sure to calculate my travel time and appointments to the minute in order to maximize my productive hours and not keep my clients waiting. The more we can get done today the easier we can work tomorrow. In order to show you my respect for your valuable time I will do my best never to be late and never keep you waiting.

2. Exceptional Response Time. 
I will return your text/call/email in under 15 minutes. Isn’t it awful to send out a message and sit around waiting for a response? I know I can’t stand the wait and I understand others don’t like it either. For this reason I pride myself on being a responsive and quick to act agent who will put client satisfaction above all else!

3. Always on call. 
I love my job and I love working with my clients. I understand that my clients have lives of their own and they aren’t focused on buying and selling real estate all day everyday like me. Therefore I make myself available whenever it is convenient for my clients. Whether it is late in the evening or on the weekend, I am here to help. My nine to five is twenty-four seven!

4. I Love What I Do. 
I have found my calling and my life long career. This is not a part-time gig or a hobby for me. This is my professional area of expertise. I spend everyday learning more about the real estate market and the growth of our beautiful city. The more knowledge I acquire the more valuable I become to my clients and the better advice I can bestow upon them. I get a kick out of interacting with people from all walks of life. From helping first time home buyers move into their first house to aiding investors in building their real estate portfolios. It’s a rush closing deals and I am into it!

5. An Eye For Detail.  
From small to great, I make sure to focus on all relevant aspects to ensure the required results. I take the time to research the history of homes and their sellers, the neighborhood’s schools and development projects and all market statistics. I believe that the larger my arsenal of information is, the better I will be able to aid my clients and guide them into making the right decisions in real estate.

6. I Don't Stop Learning. 
I have had a great upbringing and a university education. I continue to dive deeper into real estate and learn more about different elements of this world. Education leads to knowledge and knowledge is power. I am here to harness that power and help my clients sell their house quickly, easily and for the highest price.

6. I Am A People Person.  
Since I was a child I’ve always been a very social person and I take pleasure from interacting with others. This is why I feel I am on the perfect career path. Because I enjoy talking to people I have greater patience and understanding, and this allows me to be a better agent. I can listen, relate, and recommend options with honest sincerity. I am able to combine what I love doing and what I am good at in order to serve those who need my help.

Andrey Zavidovskiy

Top Producing Real Estate Sales Representative

Sutton Group-Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage

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